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Issue 10: youth and the revolutionaries. For the past decade, we've followed closely as the "streetwear" niche slowly but surely infiltrated all facets of the fashion industry and today, many of street-oriented creators are revered as the industry’s foremost modern thinkers.

Young, international creators like the UK's Nasir Mahzar, Switzerland's Maxime Buchi, Germany's Errolson Hugh, and even the ubiquitous American “weirdo” Ian Connor are each changing the look of modern fashion - and we spoke with each of them, and others, to the roles they’ve played in revolutionizing the fashion landscape.

Visually, we documented the current works of genre-defying designers including J.W. Anderson, Craig Green and Marcelo Burlon. In music, we gathered (almost) all of the Wu-Tang Clan for a feature in New York City, explored the history of several past musical revolutions, and spoke with modern music icon Brodinski.

Lastly, our cover stars: Kobe Bryant and Gosha Rubchinskiy -- though worlds apart, the two individuals are both undeniably strong forces in culture today, and will continue to be for years to come. 

Bryant, a fierce competitor and one of the greatest basketball players of all time; Rubchinskiy, a Russian skater and photographer cum rising fashion designer. Each have earned the backing of category-defining brands (Bryant with Nike, Gosha with COMME des GARCONS), while remaining obsessively dedicated to their ideals.

Nike has just released Bryant's 10th signature shoe – which, numerically we found only fitting for our 10th issue, in our 10th year – but digits aside, Nike Kobe designs are always provocative, risk-taking, and boundary-pushing. With each iteration of his sneaker, Bryant refuses to chase trends. 

With the support of COMME des GARCONS, Gosha Rubchinskiy creates an alluring range of youthful goods that blend Western looks with Russian culture, bringing us trend-defying styles with a distinctly original voice. 

Weighing in at 260 pages, Highsnobiety Issue 10 celebrates the people and brands that continue to reinvent our culture, the radicals who are changing the rules, and those revolutionaries who have paved the way for the next wave, all through a unique, aesthetically-driven approach.

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